It’s 2014…Learn Something New!

It’s 2014…Learn Something New!

I’m excited about this year!  There is so much to do, create, learn, dream about and even though it’s only January, I somehow feel like the year is already half over?!!  That’s probably because the school year is half over, now THAT I can’t believe!!

Anyway, I wanted to share this fantastic site with you just in case you hadn’t heard.  You can take University level courses for FREE through Coursera.  The Universities that participate are very prestigious and the topics range from engineering to music instruction.  Some of the courses I’ve seen offered are from Harvard, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, MIT, University of Michigan and the Berkeley School of Music.  I’ve taken an Introduction to finance course and am currently enrolled in a class where I’m learning how to build an Android app!  So exciting!!

If you’re the competitive type or just like having proof of your accomplishment there is an option for a Signature Track where for a small fee you can receive a certificate of completion for your track.  

Either way i suggest you browse the topics.  There is always more to learn and why not learn from the best, and for free!  

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