School Starts Tomorrow….YIKES!

This may be a bit late but I need to get ORGANIZED! So, in the event that there are any other parents out there like me, waiting until the last minute (really, I think it’s just me wanting to stay in denial that the school year is actually starting and summer vacation is over!) I will be blogging for our good fortune this week on Organization.

  1. An Organized 2-week meal plan w/menus and recipes for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner! 
  2. Organizing a week’s worth of clothes so that your kids can help themselves!
  3. Pre-organizing for paperwork and artwork that will definitely be coming home.
  4. Organizing your calendar with activities, sports and meetups.
  5. An organized weekly family time because really, this is the most important time of the week!

So follow along, our first post will be up first thing tomorrow morning (unless, like always once I get started on something I just can’t stop and it ends up getting posted later today!!)

Good Luck to all you parents and kids out there with a new year of adventure, learning and growing! Happy Laboring today for the first day of school!

School Supplies 3

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