10 Minutes to Declutter

I know there is clutter in many areas of our home and sometimes I just think it will always be that way.  Even when I get help cleaning my home, the deeper cleaning gets taken care of, like the toilets, floors, carpets, windows, laundry and kitchen.  But those clutter areas are still there…ugh!  So I’ve decided to spend 10 minutes a day de-cluttering one area of my home.

Today, it was the island in my kitchen.  No matter how hard I try, stuff gets piled on there.  Whether it’s toys I’ve picked up so I don’t break my ankle, leftover snacks the kids didn’t finish.  The remains of lunch making or when I’m trying to re-arrange dishes or shelves and not everything gets put away…..you know what I mean, right?  Even mail ends up there somehow.

Well, today I stopped what I was doing and didn’t listen to all the voices in my head about the laundry or the shopping or the work or the shower I need to take and I just stopped looked around for something I could tackle in 10 minutes or less and my eyes fell upon that super cluttered island.  I tossed any unnecessary items, like old receipts and pieces of broken toys that couldn’t be discarded earlier in order to avoid a complete meltdown.  Then I actually put away (you heard me right!) those miscellaneous items that my husband has no idea where to put, like the pot holders or extra pens and dirty dishes (okay, he knows where the dirty dishes go).

Now all that is on my lovely little island is the tray that I intended to have fresh fruit in to grab throughout the day for a healthy snack and the orchid I’m trying to bring back to life, maybe I’ll move that as well.  I have to say, I think I was able to take a deeper breath after looking at the nice clean space I had just made.  There is just something about a cleared off space.  Obviously, I’m not a clean freak, but I wish I was more of a neat freak.  The times I’m inspired seem to be when the clutter is at it’s highest state in weeks and the stress and tension at home can’t be attributed to anything else except the surroundings.  Then I declutter and realize how much of an effect this has on me and thus my family.

So now that I’m done for today, I look forward to adding more peace and calm into our home tomorrow.  Ta ta for now.


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