Homeschooling…it’s my turn.

So, today’s epiphany is really something that has been brewing over the last few months.  My PG 7yr old who is in 1st grade is about to be suspended for bad behavior.  If you knew the kid I’m talking about outside the school setting you may be shocked by this.  He generally keeps to himself, very happy, friendly with a love of books AND LEARNING and just likes to enjoy life (with sometimes imaginary friends).  However, his learning style (of which we are still trying to understand) is not one that syncs well with his public school.  So along with everything else already on my plate, I am going to undertake this thing called homeschooling.

I’ve been doing some research and I’m so grateful for all the resources out there, especially for the ones that are specific to our challenges with PG.  This blog will inevitably turn into more of a homeschooling blog but with the freedom to still post on the most random thoughts as we stumble through this life.  Because really, there is no one else right now who understands what we’re going through except some awesome warrior moms with HG, PG and 2E kids.  Living this life of discovery, pain, love, hate, challenge, tears and pure joy all at once.  No, I’m not manic, it’s just that my life is at times.

Here’s to 2015!

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