5 Things I’ve Learned Teaching Gifted Children

If we had a Kate we would not have had to pull little man from 1st grade. I’m encouraged and feel more empowered by Kate’s insights and affirmations and am admittedly jealous of her kids. I wish my kid was in her class! Until then, a homeschool family we will be.


Okay, so the title should actually read “5 Things I’ve Learned about Gifted Children as a Gifted Educator that I Didn’t Know about Gifted Children by being Gifted Myself…” buuuut… I think we’re all on board with hacking THAT to pieces. That thing is chuuun-ky.

Mmm... chunky. Good on peanut butter. Not on thoughts. Mmm… chunky. Good on peanut butter. Not on thoughts.

I became a gifted ed teacher for two reasons. Really and honestly- two. I could easily brainstorm fifty reasons that sound entirely plausible to back up my career choices, but it boils down to two equally important desires:

  1. I wanted to be an author, and I thought that the teaching job would not only keep my mind stimulated, but give me summers and breaks “off” to write.
  2. I was identified as gifted and talented when I was in the 4th grade. 90% or so of my early education was pretty bad, including “TAG”…

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