There is no spoon.

Sometimes the epiphany of the day is that the thing you are focusing on, fretting over and stressing out about doesn’t even exist!

It could be the potential to lose your job, the financial distress you expect is looming in the near future, the challenging conversation you need to have with someone or the relationship problems you must be having because things are just not perfect right now.

This is life. If you still have a job, don’t worry about losing it, work smarter today than you did yesterday. If your finances are a mess, it is what it is, organize them a bit today, don’t eat out today and add one more thing tomorrow to make them better. Relationships always need food to grow. Serve someone, write a thank you card, call your mom or go visit someone and bring flowers. And finally, if everything isn’t perfect, find 10 things right now to be grateful for.

Here, I’ll start you off:
1. You can read (774 million adults still lack basic reading and writing skills as of a 2013 UNESCO report)
2. You have access to a computer or smart phone and the internet (Only 40% of the global population has ever been online per IBTimes)
3. You are alive 🙂 According to 55.3 million people die each year and this year you weren’t one of them.

4. Add yours here!

What will you do with your new found life?! Well you can use your internet access to look for a job, a therapist or a friend. You can create a website or blog and share your thoughts with the world or you can log on to one of the many free educational sites (,,, etc) and learn something new. So, what are you waiting for? You are in control of the next decision you make. There is no spoon so go create. Get going! Go!

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