Life’s Tests

Did I cause this lovely change in life, for my family?  Yesterday I wrote about gratitude and today I’m being tested on this very topic.

Such is life.

The temptation is to crawl under a rock and hide.  What do you do when you are tested to the core?  I’m forcing myself to focus on the positive that is now, in this moment, I have a beautiful family and at least my husband still has a job.  Here begins my journey of finding a new stream of income.  Our lifestyle and priorities have changed so much over the last two years.  We have two kids now and have realized that one of our kiddos is incompatible with the classroom.  So, I’ve been working from home and homeschooling.  This has been an incredible blessing and now that we have this setup, I can’t imagine going back into an office environment and sending my son back to a public school where he will be miserable and for many other personal reasons I don’t feel compelled to list here.

So begins a new journey.  I’m still grateful.  I still have much to be thankful for and I think I’ll see that more and more as each day passes.

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