In a Sad Way, Gratitude Grows With Age

I’ve seen my gratitude for what I have (or in some cases don’t have) grow, not just as time goes by but literally because I am older.

My age has determined a few things that I didn’t expect.

I am more focused on where I spend my time.  That makes sense though, right?  I mean, I am more aware of how little time I have left and how fragile life is.  What do you do when your peers, not ‘older friends’, friends MY FREAKING AGE, get cancer, die, or their spouse dies, they divorce, their child dies?  Forty, that’s where I’m at.  I’m forty years old and these are a few of the things my peers are dealing with.

I really am an optimist, I just didn’t think I would have to fight so hard to stay that way.  However, these things that just happen, you realize that you have no control over them.  And honestly, none of them have happened to me personally.

Sometimes I feel a little tinge of guilt but then I realize that all I should be feeling is gratitude.

If you love someone, then LOVE them.

If you are friends with someone, then BE A FRIEND to them.

If you have enough, then SHARE something with someone because I’m sure you can think back to a time when someone shared something with you.

If you have a dream then LIVE YOUR DREAM now.

We all have the same time in a day, 24 hours.  We are just not guaranteed it, so don’t waste what you have. Be Grateful. Peace.

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