What is a Mompreneur?

When can you call yourself a mompreneur?  When you get your first paycheck?  When  you get your first client? When you decide you are?

What if you WANT to become a mompreneur and aren’t sure which way to go?

Well, I consider myself a mompreneur.  In my definition, I create my own schedule, decide how much or how little I will work and and choose the work I want to do. Part of my ‘work’ is homeschooling my children.  This is something that takes priority in my life and I don’t get a hefty paycheck but it’s some of the most rewarding work I do!

I also freelance as an Executive Assistant, blogger, social media support, project manager and event coordinator as well as own a network marketing business and offer mindset coaching.  These are all skills I used in the corporate world that I make use of in my spare time.

This is not the traditional view of mompreneur.  I mean, I’m not out there looking for angel investors or building a brand (yet) but I love the freedom from the 9-5, I love the unlimited income potential and the having ownership over my time.  THAT is what I consider success.  Time is my most valuable asset, no one gets to make decisions about how I spend my time except me.

I do love reading articles about the amazing mompreneurs out there developing new products and services and maybe one day I’ll be in more of that space.  For now, I’m happy and growing and learning and really feel like I’ve hit the mom-lotto with the time I get with my kiddos and husband.

So to all you moms out there, spending your days, loving, educating and working hard for your family, whether you do something on the side or full time as well.  You are a mompreneur in my book! Congrats to you for making your life what you want it.

If you don’t feel like you have the life you want.  I challenge you to think about your priorities, find the mindset within you to see and believe that all things are possible and work towards what you want for your life.  Move in the direction of your dreams.  There is only today. Why wait until tomorrow? If you need help in this area, reach out.  I would love to connect and help you get on track!

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