What I want my future daughter to know about her mother.

My daughter is 3.  When she is a grown woman, she will read about our current events and know that I was alive and well during this time.  She will probably ask me what my thoughts and opinions were and what did I do to stand up for what I believed in.

I call myself a Christian because I believe in Jesus Christ.

I call myself a feminist because I believe in equal rights for women.

I call myself a Mexican because I am proud of my mother and the beautiful heritage and ancestry half of me comes from.

I call myself an American because although I was born on foreign soil, it was also a U.S. Air Force Base where my daddy was proudly serving his country and I got to come home to our beautiful mainland and grow up with amazing freedoms.


I want my daughter to know that I voted for the more qualified candidate.  Yes, I voted to put a woman in the seat of the President of the United States. Not because she was a woman, but because she was the more qualified candidate and deserved my vote.

I want my daughter to know that I did not support the candidate who looks at women as a goal to conquer, as a piece of pussy.  I did not support the candidate accused of sexual assault with pending lawsuits against him.  I did not support the candidate that rose to social popularity for firing people on a reality tv show. I did not support the candidate that would try to deport your great grandmother or not believe in your integrity because of your hispanic heritage. There are so many reasons I did not vote for the other candidate but you will read about those.

I will tell her that I proudly wore my pantsuit and safety pin to stand peacefully with those who oppose hatred, racism, sexism, abuse and oppression. I will tell her that as a survivor of sexual abuse and verbal abuse from men whom I should have been able to trust, who were in a power position that was assumed trustworthy in my life, that I stood up because, YOU, my daughter are worth it.  I will do what I can to show my resistance to someone who thinks because his image was pixilated to the nation that he has more rights or power over women and minorities than any other man on the street.

When I walk on our state’s capitol in January, it will be because this is personal Mr. Trump. It will be for you my daughter. It will be for me, to not be the woman, the victim, the one who stood in silence.  It will be for the future women, minorities, lovers of whomever they want to know that many joined in the fight for them.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


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