All moms are different.  We all have our own opinions on how to do things or what is best.  The thing is, we really DO know what is best for our child, most of the time.  We just may not know what is best for yours!  So, my goal here at Today’s Epiphany is to share what is going on with us today, in the moment, right now and maybe it applies to you and maybe it doesn’t.  Maybe it will help some other mom out there feel normal, get a question answered, peek an interest or learn something new.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us and remember, this is a family friendly site so please, no cursing.

Noelle with Evie and Carter.
Noelle with Evie and Carter

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  1. I’m glad you were encouraged by my article, “Unlock Your Fidgety Child’s Ability to Learn and Focus.” I have a few other article on my website, feel free to post any of them, if you find them interesting or helpful.

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