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Organizing HIM gave ME more TIME!

One of the biggest challenges on school days is the morning routine….am I right?!

My son is schedule challenged, wherein he has no sense of the schedule we must keep in the morning to get him to school on time so we are not in the office getting written up because we didn’t arrive before the last bell and now all the gates are locked and we can’t sneak in and you know how the story goes.

Since his dresser was on it’s way out anyway I tried something new.  I can’t take all the credit, I did see something similar in a friend’s house so I’m just adapting it to our situation.

Carters closet

I bought a hanging closet organizer (affiliate link) and then placed his t-shirt and shorts for each day of the week (M-F).  I let him know it was there and that he would need to grab his clothes in the morning, get dressed and come downstairs for breakfast.  Before this new setup  I would usually go into his room, pick out clothes and set them on his bed and would have to nag the entire morning until it was time to leave and there was no time for breakfast and breakdowns would ensue.  With this new system, he has been empowered and has made it down for breakfast each morning on his own with plenty of time for breakfast!  I also kept everything in view (we just haven’t replaced the dresser yet and may not if this continues to work well) and he grabs his undies and socks separately.  I use the bottom cubby for pj’s and on the weekends we are relaxed so there’s plenty of time for him to pick out his own clothes or for me to go in and pick out some for him.

Hope this helps, Happy New School Year!

Yes, It’s Valentine’s Day!

I’ve already seen so many “woe-is-me” posts on facebook, blogs and articles about Valentine’s Day and yes that appeals to a certain large percentage of the population.  But I say quit whining!  Pull your nose out of your belly button and think of someone else for a change!  Maybe that is why your Valentine’s Day (and probably every other holiday) is miserable, because all you do it think of yourself! Hmphf!

Make this year about other people and see how much your outlook changes.  Make or buy a Valentine’s Day card, write a note or a poem if that’s your thing, and give it to someone, anyone.  Who cares if you don’t have a special ‘love interest’ in your life.  There are so many people you can express your love and gratitude for.  Do you have any parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, children that you can stop and just say “I love you” to?  Do you have any friends that are single and would appreciate a card from someone, anyone.  Is there a neighbor, elderly person you can share a little love with?

I’m not writing this post to put anyone on the spot.  Really, I’m writing it for me.  I tend to think most things are all about me and I’m usually quick to be critical (trying desperately hard to change this characteristic!).  I was reminded this year that Valentine’s Day is not just about expressing your love to someone who knows you love them (although this is still a good thing to do!), but maybe sharing love with those you don’t live with and may need it most.

My husband and I didn’t wake up and make heart-shaped pancakes for each other.  He went to work and I stayed with the kiddos who are on holiday.  But we did receive cards in the mail from my mom.  A card for each kid and one for us as a couple.  I also received a home-made card from my son.  Why does this stand out to me?  Because I realized that a seemingly small effort made such a world of difference to me.  And I feel totally loved.  They weren’t from my husband/significant other (whom I know loves me to pieces) but just from important people in my life.  And maybe this is why we need holidays like this.  Sometimes we need to be reminded to share our love because life gets so busy, because we’re not all perfect and cheery all the time and because even though we think some people may know they are important to us, they might not really know unless we show a little love.

What did I do?  I decided to show my love for my hubby by organizing our paperwork and creating a new filing system for our financials, mail, business, home improvements, kids stuff, etc.  I’ll write about how it all turned out in a separate blog.  I know that this is something that was bothering him and the best way I could think to show him how much I love him, by putting in that extra effort to keep our home and lives organized, because we always seem to have something that needs ‘fixing’.  This is one thing we will now be able to check off the list!  Sadly, I wasn’t as prepared to send out cards to others but I will make sure to make a few phone calls today and send a few messages to that a few important people in my life truly know I love them.  And, me and the kids will make a few cards to give out to other, not so close to us people, just because.

So, forget the romance around Valentine’s Day and use it to express your love for those important people in your life.  Because isn’t that what it’s all about? L.O.V.E.

Here’s some ideas to get you started…



Closing out 2013

I hope you and your families had a wonderful end of the year.  We sure did!  On Dec. 6th Drew and I celebrated 10 years of marriage with a trip to San Francisco.  We were introduced to this great website and used it to find a condo in Sausalito that was perfect for our mini-vaca!  We had a great dinner and went to a show (Beach Blanket Babylon) on our actual anniversary then went to the 49ers vs Seahawks game on Sunday.  We are HUGE 49ers fans so watching them win was awesome and made the extra cold weather more bearable!

When we got back our Christmas cards arrived and I slapped labels on them and sent them right out. We started getting tons of compliments on them as soon as they hit doorsteps so I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to our awesome photographer Yvonne of With Life In Mind Photography. Here’s the link to our family photos.  I loved all of them!

We stayed home for Christmas, which was a nice relaxing time.  It was our little girls 1st Christmas and I always have fun making sure Santa’s presents are extra special.  We were very excited and both kiddos enjoyed the decor, food, cookies, movies, music and especially the gifts!

We counted down the new year with friends (East Coast Ball Drop) and enjoyed the end of another great year.

Happy New Year!


Legs get a walkin!

So, what do you do when your car won’t start and you have 2 hours to figure out a way to pick up your son from Kinder with your infant?  Well, since I recently walked a 5k with said infant, I googled it.  Luckily, the elementary school was only 2.5 miles away.  I only felt confident because I had just walked a 5k and it wasn’t so bad so I figured this is even shorter!

So, I strapped on the infant and used my legs.  Once I got to the school, I realized I had to walk back….that’s when I felt the aching start.

My 5 year old was a champ and he thought it was a great adventure. I was beat when I got back home.  The car is in the shop but I have to say, I’m grateful that I live close enough and that I was able to spend some quality fun time with my son, away from electronics.  The conversations we had along the way were by far the best we’ve ever had.  Feeling like a satisfied and adventurous mom.

They Come In Two’s

This week has been a break through (literally) for Evie.

She had two new teeth break through on top (to add to her two bottom teeth).


She got her ears pierced.


Not the most comfortable week but I have to say, her cuteness level just keeps rising!  She’s on the verge of crawling so I must go enjoy my time of relaxing before I’m running around trying to keep her out of harm’s way.


Big Or Small, Save Them All!

This weekend was the 5k to support breast cancer research.  I hate that I had one more reason this year to participate.

I have a friend, a former co-worker, that has been generously passing her daughter’s clothes down to me.  They are the cutest styles and I am having such fun dressing my daughter.  Well, a couple of weeks ago she emailed me that she had another bag of clothes to drop off and hoped to come by soon since she just found out she was in the early stages of breast cancer and was going to be having a double mastectomy the same week.  Wow!  How do you respond to that?  I wasn’t so sure but I graciously accepted her clothes and felt compelled to do something.

So, when I got an invite to join the walk against breast cancer I added my name to the team Jenn’s Juggernauts.  Jenn was a college friend who died in 2010 from breast cancer leaving behind 3 young kids and husband.  I also have an aunt who is a survivor.

All I could think was, well, what I prayed was “God, please protect my mom, my daughter and myself from this scary thing called breast cancer that seems to be growing and spreading like crazy.  If there is a cure, let us find it.”


5 Months

Yep, that’s where we are at.  Little girl is 5 months old with 2 bottom teeth cutting through, finding and chomping on toes, clawing at anything in reach and willing to taste anything you will give her!

She’s a doll!  I’m exhausted!  But, loving life just the same.  I love her laught, her smile, her big brown eyes.  I love that I’m home with her right now.  There’s no where else I would rather be.

Gratitude is what I’m feeling right now for this life of mine and this brand new little life in front of me.  The sounds she makes are almost (not really) comprehendable.  I can see that she wants to do so much already, talk, walk, eat, express herself, laught, share, but she only has limited experience.  I look forward to the day that I hear her say “mommy”.  For now I will just enjoy every bit of her.  My sweet Evie.Image